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The first-ever NO/BS Conference was held in March 2020 over 2 days at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne.

The so-called "Digital Reality Check" boasted over 18 speakers from around the world and focused on the people within the digital industry. The content focus was on the experiences and journeys of leaders in the Digital/Design/Tech industry as opposed to the work produced by their respective companies.  


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You've got a great idea. Or maybe just landed that dream role. Now what?

How do great products get built? How do you succeed?

In digital, there is a massive misconception that success is born overnight. That all you need to succeed is an idea... Wrong. Just like any industry, it takes hard work! And a lot of time! Google, Amazon, Apple, these companies are +25 years old! That's older than most graduates who are born with these technologies in their hands.

Working in digital as designers, developers, project managers, project owners, business owners... We don't always need or want to hear about pioneering techniques or trailblazing technology. More often we need inspiration, motivation and validation to make us better, to help us lead and create better outcomes for our clients, teams and companies.

NO/BS Conference is the response to the persistent commercial tone of conferences and events in the digital space, where meaningful real-world content has been lacking. A place where like-minded people can get together, listen to some amazing stories and cut through all the.... BS.

NO/BS is an event where people will be inspired, motivated and most importantly feel validated by knowing that their journey or work is similar to that of their counterparts and industry heroes.

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