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Senior UX Researcher Spotify

Stockholm, SWE

alex freeman

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How to Make People Famous & Other Stories

Rich storytelling and harnessing the sexy aspects of branding makes the subjects foundational exploratory research famous to those in more pragmatic roles at Spotify. This fame allows designers to pick up the concepts uncovered in the conversations my team has with these users and apply them to digital product design. This is a deep dive into compelling storytelling, patience, and the craft that goes into translating theoretical concepts and behaviours into novel humane experiences.


Alex is a senior UX researcher at Spotify where he focuses on enabling artists to connect with fans through rich storytelling. He approaches his craft as a Professional People Watcher, aiming to understand how fans and artists articulate and share their musical identities in the environments they typically exist in. Prior to Spotify, Alex led growth research for Dropbox Paper and worked with democratising design thinking for large scale human problems on IDEO's OpenIDEO project. He hails from sunny Palo Alto, California, but currently lives in not-so-sunny Stockholm, Sweden.

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