/ Luc Wiesman

Founder & Publisher DMarge
Past: Head of Digital Leo Burnett

Sydney, AUS

luc wiesman

From Ads to Riches - Turning a Blog Into a Luxury Company


DMARGE is one of Australia‚Äôs most successful luxury media and publishing companies. What started as a blog soon became the go-to platform for brands like Rolex and Porsche to reach cool affluent young Australian Men. Today the company has over 4.2 million monthly readers across the world. Founder and Director, Luc Wiesman, will give a NO B/S account of how it all started, bucking the trend with launching a print magazine plus insight into the many challenges that come with running a media company in 2020. 

Luc's Bio

A former Head of Digital for Leo Burnett and George Patterson Y&R, he now is Founder & Publisher of D'Marge. 

Luc Wiesman is a digital native. Having begun his career as a self-taught web designer, he worked for a number of top Melbourne advertising agencies when the internet was in its infancy.

As the industry evolved Luc did away with design, making the leap to strategic thinking and working with brands to maximise the effectiveness of online.

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