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Founder Pick My Brain

Vancouver, CA

maxine cunningham

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Investment banker to startup founder


Maxine is the CEO and cofounder of a new and fast growing SaaS platform called Pick My Brain. 

Pick My Brain is an online tool that makes it easy and fun for smart and creative people to share more of what they know with others in totally new ways on their own independent terms. Think free or paid pick my brain calls, coffee and conversations, dinner and conversations, 1:1 custom sessions, custom packages, custom programs, private events and more. 

Maxine and her team uses this tool to help people, businesses and organizations from all around the world find, discover and explore new, fun, rewarding and profitable ways to share more of what they know with others.

Maxine and her team helped 300+ Brains offer their knowledge in totally new ways, and now they are on a mission to help 1 million more.

Maxine's main purpose and mission in life is to help make the worlds Brains more uniquely available accessible and useful to society. 

Feel free to reach out, connect or book Maxine for a #braindate here: https://pickmybrain.world/profiles/maxine-cunningham 

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