/ Megan Flamer

Founder & CEO Mindful Under Fire
Head of Startups Monash University

Melbourne, AUS

megan flamer

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Mindfulness: How to Pay Attention and Transform the Way You Work, Lead and Create


Megan brings mindfulness to the most unlikely places. Megan has designed curriculum that is used for prison parole programs, elite sporting groups and Fortune 500 companies, and is a passionate believer mindfulness can be applied in any circumstance or situation. She spent four years in San Francisco where she consulted on organisational development and mindfulness for companies like Google, Facebook and AirBnb and her company Mindful Under Fire continues to provide training in the US and Australia for individuals and teams to succeed in high pressure situations.

Prior to her stint in Silicon Valley, Megan worked as a journalist and radio host with the ABC for over a decade in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Megan also serves as the Head of Startup Programs for Monash University and is an investor and advisor in the Australian and New Zealand startup ecosystems, working to build thriving startups with healthy, balanced founders.

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