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The Darkside of the Valley

Books, movies, and media outlets romanticise life at Silicon Valley. Technology is an industry with abundance, opportunity, and infinite greener grass, and I’m part of it. Why am I depressed, then? Why do I have anxiety? Why does my manager mistreat me? Why is no one answering my job applications? This talk presents the road less exposed, the story less told about the tech industry, a part of the industry even Elon Musk dares not to mention because, as he puts it, “no one wants to hear it”.



Sadok is an award-winning designer, creative director, instructor, and entrepreneur.

He was named one of the most innovative designers of the year by FastCompany magazine. He has worked for iconic brands such as Wikipedia, Lufthansa, TripAdvisor, The MIT Media Lab, Red Cross, Allianz, among many other tech startups and venture capital firms.

Sadok also serves as a mentor and instructor for several design schools in North America and Europe. He is also the founder of the most renowned youth entrepreneurship program in the United States.

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