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Lysandre Follet

Director of Computational Design


Portland, USA

Talk Title: Wrestling Bias in the age of AI Creativity

What's if About? While the entire creative world is embarking on a transformative journey of co-creation with Artificial Intelligence, in this talk we will take a critical look at one of the greatest modern threats to creativity: AI bias.

About Lysandre

Lysandre is a recognised and leading Industrial Designer, Creative Technologist, Artist, Musician and Innovator.

Over the last decade within Nike’s Innovation Design Studio, Lysandre has pioneered the use of Generative Design, incubating & building the industry’s first team of cutting-edge multidisciplinary creatives who focus on defining Nike’s future products and creative processes living at the intersection of design, digital craft, art, data and science, co-creating bespoke peak-performance products with the world’s best athletes. Today within Nike, Generative Design is the operating system for modern Design.

In recent years, Lysandre and his team have focused on post-digital creative augmentation, leveraging immersive technology such as augmented reality to blur the lines between the physical world and virtual world, designing products regardless of the dimensions in which they live.

As a keynote speaker, he has passionately shared his insights on the topic of algorithms and machines complementing and augmenting human creative practice to build game-changing, data-informed performance footwear.

As an emerging technology enthusiast, Lysandre is the Co-Founder of, a project to capture street art and artifacts using 4k color textured 3D scanning, geo-mapping and augmented reality to replace ephemeral collective memory into a timeless, augmented world.