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Dr. Marion Piper

Creativity Coach & Author

Marion Piper Creative

Melbourne, AUS

Talk Title: What doesn't kill you, makes you more creative

What's it about? The "new normal" is here – and it's not just about living with a virus. As an industry, we've been catapulted forward at a frightening rate, with little to no time to reflect on what we've been through or how much has changed. And while digital feels like the backbone of daily life, what about us? How do we reconcile and process this collective trauma in a way that propels us forward, rather than hold us back? In this talk, Dr Marion Piper shares her strategy for navigating the "new normal", aptly titled 'Spiral Up'. It's based in the science of post-traumatic growth and draws on the power of creativity to help you rediscover meaning and find clarity amidst digital's warpspeed pace. **

About Marion

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is a cliche that's misleading at best. What doesn’t kill us can actually do a tonne of damage. Dr Marion Piper believes that what doesn’t kill us is actually an invitation to get creative, a way to turn our pain into power and kick-start the process of post-traumatic growth. This is what fuelled her PhD research and informs the work she does today as an artist and creativity coach, inspiring ambitious Creatives to rediscover their love of making as a form of self-care. With a colourful career spanning gigs in art galleries, creative summer camps and creative agencies (both here and abroad), Marion is here to share her answer to a question many of us ask: “what does it mean to lead a truly creative life?”