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The NO/BS Story

How it all started

Honesty, Purpose & Impact

Jason Soultan - Founder, NO/BS Events

Jason Soultan - Founder, NO/BS Events

Welcome to the world of NO/BS Events – where authenticity reigns supreme, and opportunities abound for mutually beneficial partnerships.

We're not just another event company; we're a dynamic team of multi-award winners known for orchestrating top-tier conferences, workshops, and meetups, tailored exclusively for the digital, creative, marketing, and tech industries.Our track record speaks for itself. We consistently curate events that not only sell out but also attract a dedicated following due to our refreshingly raw, unfiltered, and brutally honest approach to the ever-evolving world of digital, design, marketing, and tech.

The brainchild behind this innovative venture is none other than Jason Soultan, a highly respected Designer, Digital Agency Owner, and serial Entrepreneur. In 2019, Jason embarked on a mission to disrupt the traditional conference scene. He envisioned an event that would defy the norms and deliver a no-frills, limitless, and authentically straightforward experience.

Let's be honest; industry events represent a significant investment. It's often a gamble for both attendees and partners to choose the right event to align with. Jason, with his two decades of experience in the digital realm, has been to his fair share of conferences, workshops, and networking events. However, many of them left him wanting more – actionable insights, genuine honesty, and inspirational narratives.

So, he decided to create events that would truly make a difference, starting with the groundbreaking NO/BS Conference in 2020. This event was an unfiltered celebration of the digital world, featuring creative minds, directors, designers, and industry leaders sharing their authentic stories and professional journeys.

Even amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic, our conference not only sold out but also garnered multiple awards along the way. It became evident that we were onto something special, and the industry at large took notice.

Today, we're not just stopping at one successful conference. We've hosted a second large-scale event and numerous workshops and networking events across Australia, Dubai and Vancouver. Our ambitions now extend to opening up exciting possibilities for partnerships and collaborations on a global scale.

We invite you to join us on this journey of authenticity, creativity, and inspiration. Whether you're an attendee seeking valuable insights or a potential partner looking for an event that aligns with your values, NO/BS Events offers a unique platform where everyone can thrive and make meaningful connections. Together, we can add a lasting impact in the digital, creative, marketing, and tech landscape. Your presence is valued, and we look forward to having you as part of our NO/BS community.

Past Events

NO/BS Conference 2022

NO/BS Conference 2020

Award Winning

The first installment of NO/BS Conference in 2020 was such a success on many fronts. This was recognised by both the Melbourne Design Awards and Australian Event Awards.

The quality and experience of the event we delivered in 2020 won 3 awards in total. A true rarity for an inaugural conference.

Best Event Experience
Melbourne Design Awards

Best New Event Victoria
Australian Event Awards

Branding & Identity
Melbourne Design Awards

What people say

"No-BS really lived up to the hype. It was an amazing event that had it all! Incredible speakers, great content and an awesome venue. I'll be back!"

Mark Andrews
Design Lead

“NO/BS is, by FAR, the best conference I’ve ever been to in Australia. The line-up was out of this world and every single speaker delivered insights, inspiration and education from the heart. Being in the crowd felt like being amongst creative family – it will be the highlight of your year!”

Marion Piper
Creative + Selfcare Coach